The mission of Feral Cat Solutions is to protect and improve the lives of free-roaming cats by employing a unique full-colony Trap-Neuter-Return process, to provide public education, and to partner with county shelters, rescue groups, businesses and communities throughout the Midlands of South Carolina.


Feral Cat Solutions of Chapin Inc.(FCS) is a volunteer non-profit organization dedicated to helping to solve the overpopulation crisis of feral and free-roaming community cats in the Midlands of South Carolina.

Why should you consider Trap-Neuter-Return of your feral cat colony?

(also known as TVAR: Trap-Vaccinate-Alter-Release)

1. The cycle of kittens (those people become aware of and those that are born and die unseen) will be broken. Our shelters are full of kittens needing homes – preventing litters means more of those will find homes.

2. Nuisance behaviors, spraying, yowling and fighting will be eliminated.

3. When maintained with consistent food and shelter, the colony’s living area will shrink and center on the feeding and shelter area. Males will no longer roam. A well-managed stabilized feral cat colony can be almost invisible to neighbors.

4. The sterilized and vaccinated cats will become healthier as their bodies no longer need to contend with reproductive needs.

5. The cats will continue to keep rodents and snakes under control.

6. TNR results in a group of cats who are still not socialized to humans and keep their distance; they will still not approach and/or attack humans. They will, however, become more docile over time.

7. Stabilizing a feral cat colony is cost effective. Female cats can go into heat 4 to 6 times a year in our climate. A colony of ten cats that costs about $8 a week to feed can quickly become a colony of 30 cats costing $24 a week to feed – or $832 more per year.

8. Removal of feral cats does not work. If the current cats are removed, cats from the surrounding area will move in and establish a new colony (the "vacuum effect" has been well documented). If relocation is attempted, many cats will find their way back to their original home. Feral cats will be euthanized if taken to shelters because they can not be adopted as pets.

TNR is the most effective method available for controlling feral cat colonies. It is the solution to the feral cat problem.

Feral cats are a fact of life in our throw-away society, resulting from abandoned or neglected pet cats. A managed colony is the only true solution for all those who use the property on which feral cats reside, whether they "like" cats or not. It is the only hope for the cats and a sound decision for property owners.

Around the world, progressive municipalities have successfully implemented TNR programs resulting in measurable decreases in feral cat populations as compared to their previous eradication programs.

Stabilization of your feral cat colony will result in a huge improvement to the quality of life for both you and the cats!